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  • Condition New
  • Part No. 2820042560
  • Fitting Model HYUNDAI STAREX
  • Brand Garrett
  • Location S.Korea S.Korea
  • Weight 4.7 Kg

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  • JCB
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Retail 402.6 1
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Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type
D4AE  28230-41422  MIGHTY, CHORUS  D4BF  28200-4A160  STAREX, LIBERO 
D4AL  28230-41730  MIGHTY-ll, COUNTY, POWER COMBI  D4BH  28200-4A200  STAREX, LIBERO 
D4AL  28230-41710  MIGHTY-ll  D4BH TCI  28200-4A201  STAREX, LIBERO 
D4AL  28210-41650  COUNTY, CHORUS  D4BH TCI  28200-42600  STAREX, LIBERO 
D4AE  28230-41412  MIGHTY-ll  D6DA  28230-8Y000  RHINO, AERO TOWN, E/G 5T 
D4DA  28230-45000  MIGHTY-ll, COUNTY  D8AX  28200-72800  19T CARGO, 23T DUMP, 90TRACOR 
D4DD  28230-45500  e-MIGHTY, e-COUNTY  D6AC340PS  28200-83801  AERO SPACE, 11.5T, 19.5T, 70T  
D4DA  28230-45100  MIGHTY-ll, COUNTY, NEW COMBI  D6AC340PS  28200-838102  AERO SPACE, 11.5T, 19.5T, 70T 
D4BF  28200-4B160  Porter Electric type, GRACE  D6CA  28200-84000  POWER TRUCK, 15T,24T,23T,19T,19.5T 
D4BH  28200-4B151  Porter Machine Type, GRACE  D6CA  28200-84010  19T,19.5TCARGO,16TDUMP,22TCargo 
D4BH  28200-42700  NEW-PORTER  D6CA  28200-84011  11.5TCARGO,16TCARGO,14T,19.5T 
D4CB  28200-4A350  NEW-PORTER  D6AZ  28200-83400  AERO SPACE, AERO QUEEN 
2900CC  28200-4X400  TERRACAN-2.9  D6CA  28200-84101  AERO SPACE, GRANBIRD 
2900CC  28201-4X700  TERRACAN-2.9  D6CB  28200-84411  AERO SPACE, AERO QUEEN 
2900CC  28201-4X710  TERRACAN-2.9  C6ABCNG  28200-85000  NEW AERO CITY BUS 
2500CC  28200-4A210  TERRACAN  D6AB  28200-83901  AERO CITY, AERO SPACE 
D4BH  28200-42650  STAREX  D6AB  28200-83910  AERO CITY 540, AERO SPACE 
D4BH  28200-42560  STAREX, LIBERO  D6CB  28200-84400  SUPER TRUCK 
D4CB  28200-4A001  STAREX, LIBERO  C6ABCNG  28200-85050  AERO SPACE BUS 
D4BF  28200-4A150  STAREX, LIBERO  D6AB  28200-83905  SUPER TRUCK, AERO SPACE 
D4BF  28200-42851  GALLOPER 95TC, GRACE  VGT  28231-27900  Sante Fe, Traget XG 
D4BF  28200-42881  GALLOPER 951TCI, GRACE  D6DB  28230-87000  Mega Truck 
D4BF  28200-42520  GALLOPER-ll 96TC  D3EA  28231-27500  Click 
D4BH  28200-42540  GALLOPER-ll 96TC  VGT  28231-27450  Lotze, Carens, Sonata 
D4EA  28231-27000  SANTAFE, TRAJET  D4CB  28200-4A361  New Porter 
VGT  28201-2A110  CERATO, AVANTE, VGTPRIDE  D4BH  28200-42610  Bongo lll, Pregio 
G4HA  28810-02400  ATOZ, VISTO  VGT  28200-4A480  Grand Starex 
C6DA  28230-86300  Global, Mega Truck  VGT  28201-2A400  Pride, Verna 
VGT  28210-3A000  Veracruz  D6AZ  28200-83602  Aero Space, Aero Economic 
D4AL  28230-21450  Mighty  D4AL  28230-41400  Chorus 
VGT  28231-27400  New Sportage, New Tucson  D6CA  28200-84100  Aero Space Queen, Aero Space 
D6CB  28200-84600  Universe Space,Universe Express  D6DA  28230-8Y010  Mega Truck, Aero Town 
P4BF  Grace(15seats)  Grace  D4AE  28230-41431  MIGHTY 
VGT EURO-4  28231-27800  New Santa Fe  VGT EURO-4  28231-27850  Grandeur XG 
Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type
D4CB  28200-4A421  SORENTO VGT  VGT  28200-4A470  SORENTO 
2.0L,2.2L  OK058 13 700C  SPORTAGE  Italy  35242076G  COMBI 
D4CB  28200-4A101  SORENTO  VGT  28200-4X900  Granbird Carnival 
2900CC  OK59A 13 700C  CARNIVAL, CARNIVAL-ll  H100  AA63E13T10A  Granbird, AM937 
2900CC  28200-4X300  CARNIVAL-ll  2900CC  28200-4X600  PREGIO,BONGO-lll 
2900CC  28200-4X310  CARNIVAL-ll  2900CC  28200-4X610  BONGO-lll 
EF750  AA62H13T00 23T – 24T  2900CC  28200-4X500  GRANBIRD CARNIVAL 
EF750  AA62H13T10  23T – 24T       
Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type
1146T  65.09100-7192  BM090, BF106(Old)  EURO-3  504040250 4.5TCargo, 5TCargo, 7T Cargo 
DE12T  65.09100-7024  BS106, BH113, BH115,8T, 8.5T  DV11  65.09100-7103  11.5T, 15T, 16T, 22.5T, 19T 
CECO-ISM  P4037739  24TDump, 19T, 25T  DV11  65.09100-7104  BH117H, BH119H, BH120F 
DE08TIS  65.09100-7067  88.5TCargo, BM090  GEO8TIS  65.06100-7074  BS090, BS106 
DL08TI  65.09100-7098  8T, 8.5T  DB33TI  65.09100-7044  P034TI(50KW), P086TI(200KW) 
2366T  65.09100-7172  BH115, BS106, 11.5T, 12T, 13T,14.5T, AM937 2848T  51.09100-7183  BH120H, BH120F, DA50, D/W12T(365), 12MFull Cargo 
DE12Ti  65.09100-7037  BH115E, BH116, 11.5T, 14T, 16T, 39T, 79T   DE12TiS  65.09100-7396  11.5TCargo, 15TDump, 19.5TAxis Cargo, 15TDump, BS106, BH115 
DDC  P3592775  24TDump, DDCTractor  GE12TI  65.09100-7070  BS106, BH115E, BH116E, BS120CH 
DL08TI  65.09100-7101 (7139)  BS106, BS120, BH115  DV15T  65.09100-7088,7  (Car)19T, (Car)19.5T, (Car)24T, (Car)25T, (Car)24TDump 
DV15TiS  65109100-7041, 7042  BH120, 24TDump , 19TLong Axis Cargo, 25T, 19TDump  DDC24T
23515635 (Car)24T DDC Dump 
Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type
OM662LA  A662 090 3280  Rexton  OM662LA  A662 090 3180  Korando 290 
OM661LA  A661 090 3080  Musso 230  OM662LA  A662 090 3980  New Korando 290 
OM662LA  A662 090 3080  Musso 290  OM441LA  004 096 5999  Ssangyong Tractor, Benz3534 
OM442LA  003 096 5599  11.5T, 15T, Benz3535  D2866LF21  51.09100-7428  MAN 22.5T 
OM661LA  A661 090 3180  Korando 230  D2866LF21 51.09100-7293  MAN 22.5T(Old) 
OM442LA 004 096 6099  17.5TCargo, 69TTractor  D2866LF25 51.09100-7516  MAN 24T Dump(New), EURO-lll 
OM501LA  007 096 4699 4143Dump, 2641Tractor, 2640LSTractor  P2866LF25 51.09100-7607  MAN24T Dump(TGA),TGA6X2, 6X4 
Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type
DSC1110  1107964 Scania 21.5T, 56T Tractor  TDI22FL  490931 Volvo 21.5T 
DSC1136  1392911 Scania 23T, 67T  TDI21FS  470943 Volvo 23T 
DC1104  1485648 24TDump, 85TTractor(400HP)  D12C  8148987 24T, Tractor(420HP) 
DC1209  1443192 Scania 24T(New),95Tractor(380HP)  410E37H  4854264 22.5TDump 
DSC1201  3594236 Scania 24TDump,95Tractor(420HP)  CURSOR-13  564004854 24TDump,Tractor(440HP),Tractor(480HP) 
Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type Engine Name Model Nember Vehicle Type
4D34  28200-45G00  Industrial, Generator  KTA19M  3801697 458HP 
4D31  28200-41C01  Industrial, Excavator, Forklift  D2366T  65.09100-7172  240HP 
D6BR  28200-93C00  Industrial, Generator, Excavator  D1146T  65.09100-7149  185HP 
L10  3803109 SL20  DE12TI  65.09100-7037  310HP 
TW-7301  23502194 355,450,720,900HP  MD180TI  51.09100-7187  465HP 
TW-7302  23503908 325,650,710,735,760HP  GT4082SN  11162409 EC360B, L70D, EC330B 
TV-7302  23503073 265, 330,350,720,740,1500HP  TBP7801  11033755 TD164 
6BT8.3  3802289 166HP  TAMD163A  3825186 550HP 
6CT8.3  3802303 243HP  TAMD163  3826983 680HP 
4BT5.9  3520030 SL20  TMF5503  466923-0006  405HP 
L10  3803109 SL20  TO4B82  465472-0002   
NT855  3032060 315HP  TOB4B66  465114-0005   

Please enjoy our Partswini service which has been created for Korean Car (Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Ssangyong etc.)
user who needs the Spare parts (shock absorber , compressor , radiator , condenser , engine parts etc.)
/parts/accessory/ & Accessories ( LED ,Chrome molding ,Spoiler etc.) , Used parts (Engine/transmission/lamp).

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